R&M, founded in 1964, is a globally active, independent family company based in Switzerland.

• R&M is the leading cabling solutions vender in Switzerland. The company is also a topcabling supplier in Europe and the Middle East, and has founded its own market organizations in over 30 countries.

• What does R&M Swissness mean for you? It means Swiss quality, Swiss standards of reliability and Swiss punctuality.

• R&M products and services are geared for top network performance and availability.

• R&M‘s size means the company can respond quickly to the needs of any market and develop targeted customer solutions.

• R&M holds numerous patents and also shapes international standards.

• The foresight R&M brings means you can rest assured that your investment in our products and services will remain secure for a long time to come.

• R&M, as your professional cabling partner, provides you expert on-site support


The keys to our customers‘ success are high-performance, reliable communication networks. Our customers expect their infrastructure investments to return positive results, whether this be through increased productivity, reduced costs due to fewer downtimes, or lower maintenance expenditure. This is why we do whatever we can to create success for our customers.

The amount of performance compressed into data centers is huge. Data are currently exchanged at speeds of over 10, 40 and 100 gigabits per second, and the trend is only continuing to rise. In addition, these larger and larger volumes of data must be 100% available everywhere, even on mobile devices. As a result, the bandwidth requirement per user in LANs, MANs, and even in WANs is rising.
• R&M cabling solutions give you a dependable foundation for maximizing network performance.
• You get performance capacity with plenty of reserve power for when you need it, and can even add more as demands increase.

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in achieving 100% availability. It always pays to maintain a cabling infrastructure that shows ideal transmission properties and top product quality. Cabling systems represent investments in the future, since they normally outlast active network components and applications by a few generations

Although cabling infrastructure costs make up only a small fraction of a company‘s entire investment in its IT system, in no other area is it more important to select the right partner. This is because the majority of all system malfunctions lead back to faults in its infrastructure. Not only that, replacements and upgrades bring high costs when a system has not been designed to grow with the future.
• R&M cabling solutions will meet your highest demands of quality.
• Our products and service always ensure infrastructure performance and stability as well as a maximum level of business continuity.
• Our carefully designed assembly system reduces human error to an absolute minimum. Cable routes are clearly laid out, and precise labels ensure components are handled quickly and accurately.
• R&M’s installation partners are a key component in our commitment to quality and we provide them with intensive, practically relevant training.

The goal – to support network cabling processes and to make moves, adds and changes (MAC) as simple as possible. The key to this is modularity. This is because only modular systems can be modified as needed. In addition, these systems greatly facilitate planning.
Modularity brings a maximum level of flexibility and provides for an IT infrastructure that will meet growing requirements in the areas of bandwidth, efficiency and environment over years to come. And with that we‘ve arrived at what‘s perhaps the decisive factor: Modularity means investment .
• Cabling solutions from R&M solutions mean that you have no limits in terms of expandability.
• Everything you need to ensure your solution is consistent is right there, it’s copper or fiber optics.
• Using standardized products simplifies infrastructure management.
• R&M is your independent, dependable partner. By already contemplating the future today, we provide you with optimal support in your infrastructure planning.
• And finally, special problem areas require exactly the same solutions. That’s why we work with you to develop custom products and service packages that are targeted to your specific needs.

Any company that wants to get expenses under control must make sure it doesn’t cut costs in the wrong area – in other words, cabling. Cabling is the cornerstone of any communication solution and has by far the longest service life of any element in the system. Not only that, the potential for achieving savings during the actual purchase process is relatively low, since cabling makes up only a fraction of total expenditure.
You therefore need a partner who’ll think things all the way through and who’ll develop, manufacture and install accordingly. A partner who’s already asked itself any and all questions the future may bring — and who’s come up with the right answers.
• R&M data centers are designed to be expandable and extensible and are thus geared to grow with the future. The result for you is a maximum level of investment security.
• R&M solutions fulfill all applicable standards of quality and in that way guarantee they are cost-effective for you to maintain.
• R&M means installation that is easy, fast and reliable.
• R&M products and services guarantee cost-effective business operations.
• R&M avoids follow-up costs through a comprehensive warranty program.

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